Creta partners with LoL producer Thomas Vu

자동차 2023-12-12 04:29:38 797

Diverse, a Korean metaverse and game development company, said Monday that its Web3 gaming platform Creta has secured a new partnership with Thomas Vu, the renowned producer of the League of Legends game.

Under the partnership, Creta agreed to support the game incubation business led by Vu, through which promising game developers can obtain ideas, resources and funding opportunities.

Vu started his gaming career as a producer at Namco Bandai Games and Electronic Arts -- the publisher of the Sims game. In 2011, Vu made a pivotal change by joining Riot Games, where he not only served as executive producer and creative director for League of Legends but also as an integral part of the development team.

He later extended his career by producing “Arcane,” an animated series of the League of Legends fictional universe and also the winner of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program in 2022. Vu further showcased his creativity by producing K/DA, a virtual K-pop girl group consisting of four female champions from League of Legends.

While Creta has also promoted a similar Web3 gaming development program dubbed "Creta Nexus," which enables talented creators to receive financial support from users and investors via the creta token, the two promised to create synergy by combining their respective game incubating projects.

In addition, Creta and Vu aim to plan several projects targeting emerging markets such as the Middle East and India with innovative Web3 gaming -- where games are hosted on the cryptocurrency platform. Underscoring the quality and originality of the projects, they aim to foray into the global market with new games, animations, music, and other media works, the company said.

Creta also plans to establish a growth fund that will serve as a leading Web3 gaming fund to nurture Creta’s blockchain ecosystem, it added.




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